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Easy Steps for Protecting toddlers from cables

As soon as your baby starts to crawl, you need to start thinking about childproofing your home. This process can be daunting, but it is essential to keeping your little one safe. One area that you might not have thought about is protecting your toddler from cables.

In today’s day and age, a variety of electronics have become a fixture in many homes. As such, there will be many cords and cables running along the floor. These can pose a serious risk to curious toddlers. If your child were to chew on a cord, they could be electrocuted or choke on the insulation. Additionally, cords can be a tripping hazard. Trips, slips, and falls are the number one contributor to injuries and even fatalities.

In order to avoid these risks, parents and homeowners need to take steps to ensure that their toddlers are protected from cables. Throughout this article, we’ll talk about simple steps that you can follow to protect your toddlers from all the cables and cords. We’ll talk about simple solutions such as cord covers and much more. We will also provide some tips on other ways to childproof your home to keep your toddler safe.

Let’s begin.

Steps to Protect Toddlers From Cables

Keep Cables Out of Reach

The first step that parents can follow in keeping their toddlers safe from cables is essentially elimination. Simply set up the various cables and cords away from the kids. Keep them out of reach.

Keep all cables, such as those for chargers or televisions, out of reach of toddlers by placing them on high shelves or behind furniture. If these things are not nearby, one shouldn’t worry.

There are several products in the market now that are designed to be stuck to a wall for the hanging of cables. There are under desk cable management trays for one. This ensures that the child cannot accidentally pull on, play, or slip on the cables.

Use Cable or Cord Covers

Another simple step to follow is using cable or cord covers. As the name suggests, these cord covers are plastic or rubber coverings that can be placed over cables to protect them from damage and, more important, keep them out of reach of children. These can be easily found at most home improvement or electronics stores.

With these covers in place, children will no longer get tangled or slip from the cords and cables. Instead, they’ll have a nice solid surface that they can mindlessly just step over without any worries.

Consider Using Cordless Devices

If hiding the cords and cables is too difficult, then why not take them all away? Consider switching to cordless devices, such as wireless chargers, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless keyboards and mice, to reduce the number of cables in the house and keep them out of reach of children. In this way, the hazard is mostly removed from the environment.

Secure Loose Cables

One of the first things that must be done when trying to childproof a home against the dangers of cables is identifying risky areas. Try to look for any loose cables and cords in the area. If there are any loose cables or cords in the house, secure them to the floor or wall using cable clips or ties to keep them from being pulled on by children.

Keep Cables Organized

Another easy way to fix the cable problem is by organizing them well. Keep cables organized and untangled to reduce the chance of them getting tangled up or pulling on by children.

For this to happen, it needs proper foresight and planning. Cords and cables will inevitably twist and tangle into themselves. When they start to know or cluster, they become an even bigger danger to toddlers. Use cable organizers or spiral cord wraps to keep them in place.

Plan the Lay of the Land

If parents are expecting, it may not be a bad idea to plan out the lay of the land. Start by thinking about areas and rooms where children will most likely pass or play around. When those have been identified, keep cables away from these areas to reduce the chance of them getting caught or pulled on.

In the same vein, it isn’t just cables that need to be planned, but also devices. If there are devices in a specific area, there are sure to be cables and cords accompanying them. Thus, if parents want to keep cables out of reach, then they should keep electronic devices out of reach as well.

Keep a Watchful Eye

As is needed when taking care of children, a parent’s vigilance is always needed. Keeping a watchful eye on toddlers will greatly help in reducing any kind of accidents. This even applies to those accidents that involve cables and cords.

While this may sound like a good solution, parents are only humans too. It is impossible to keep an eye on a child for every hour of every day. How then would parents protect their children from tripping on cables?

Educate Children About Cables

If the parent is unable to constantly watch their child, it is best to teach that child how to keep themselves safe. Teach children about the importance of not playing with cables and the dangers they can pose. Show them the proper way to handle and care for them to help them understand why it is important to keep them out of reach.

A Safe Home to Walk Around

Electronics are now a part of daily life. There is no avoiding having cords and cables in one’s house and around the children. Despite that, it is still possible to keep toddlers and children safe from accidentally tripping on these cables.

Remember that all this protection starts with the vigilance and protection of all parents. All the steps outlined here must be planned and carried out. Apart from these steps, there are also many cable management products available in the market today.

We hope that everything we’ve shared will help you in creating a safe home to walk around.