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How to Make Annoying Wires “disappear”?

Keeping cables hidden from view is something numerous people struggle with, especially in a home office. There is nothing worse than trying to be productive when all of your attention is drawn to the massive web of wires running along and underneath your computer desk. Wires dwell in a modern home and it is so frustrating to clean up the spider web of cords. Having the cord mess everywhere is really annoying. There are computer cables, phone charger cables, and headphones cables, all in a big jumble together. When you need one cord you have to untangle it from the rest of them. The mess of cables is a huge eyesore, isn’t it? 

Now check out below creative solution to make the wires “disappear”.

Under-desk Cable Tray-One of the simplest and most effective solutions for getting your cords up off the floor is the under-desk cable tray. This is a basket-style tray that attaches to the underside of your desk, which allows you to route cables through it so they're out of sight and elevated. They're available in a few different sizes to meet your cable needs, and some types can be trimmed or cut to the desired size. The basket nature allows cables to break out wherever needed.


Benefits of the Under-desk Cable Tray

  1. Messy cables in your home office are not just a potential problem for you though. They could cause injury to your children, for example, when they pop in to disturb your working day. Yet, the simple process of tucking away desk cables into a tray can remove this trip hazard instantly.


  1. If you have a height-adjustable desk, having the wiring logically stored makes it possible to move your work surface up and down without getting cables caught up. Under desk trays also avoid the frustration and wasted time that result from untangling cable spaghetti in your home office!


  1. Getting everything safely stowed into a well-made cable management tray protects your wires from constant abrasion, friction and pressure. That said, your wiring management tray will also ensure you don’t accidentally damage cables by putting desk legs or task chair wheels on them.


  1. Under-desk cable tray can free up floor space too, which can be at a premium in home office setups. Additionally, with your cables properly stowed away, you can reconfigure your IT and your adjustable desk more adroitly, without having to consider where to run wires every time you change the layout

Main Types of the Under-desk Cable Tray

*Solid bottom trays-these attach to the underside of your desk and hold power strips and cables. The cons are that the airflow may not be good enough to keep wires cool.


*Wire mesh-cable baskets of diverse sizes and configurations are a versatile way to

organize your cabling, in an unobtrusive way, providing free airflow to keep your wiring cool.


*Channel Type-these products, including J channel raceways, are usually made from

rigid plastic or metal and are taped beneath your desk. Like trays and baskets, they come in various sizes. Alternatively, cables can be taped directly to the underside of the desk.


*Open Slot Type-these under-desk cable trays have large cutouts that make it easier to install and provide flexibility when arranging electronics and cabling.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Selecting the Right One

*Practicality-Which desk tray would slot best into your desk set up with enough space to store wiring properly? Look at the fittings to see which is the best fit for your workstation.

*Adjustable desk capabilities-Make sure your chosen cable management tray is suitable to fit within an adjustable desk.

*Easy Installation-Make sure the cable trays are straight forward to fit into home offices

*Strength and Durability-Make sure the cable trays are with enough capacity for the weight and volume of your office cables, but also well-made enough to stand the test of time.

*Even Distribution-It needs to store cables logically, without having them crushed

together, causing the tray to “Sag” on one side.