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Why Choose Delamu?

Because we are top notch and reliable. At Delamu, we fill a specific niche with the items we create and offer. Our unique, functional, sought-after products help keep spaces clean, organized, and pristine.
Here are some quick facts about us:
* Pioneer in global trade since 2018
* Top 1 seller in this niche market
* Millions of customers we serve
* 30,909 ratings gained as of 2022
* Rated by LA Times as the best cable covers for cords

That said, we are experienced in the global supply chain, logistics across countries, etc. So delivery will not be an issue. What's more, with our products proved a big hit, you can give your best to your customers and make your business soar. We would be more than glad to take your business to the next level. Let's grow together!

Benefits Of Being A Delamu Distributor

1. Growing Business and Money
The inventory we offer, namely unique & sought-after products to sell, will bring you soaring business and money.

2. Special Price
If you need a great deal of our products, we will offer you special prices that may vary based on the quantity.

3. Fast Delivery
Your order will be processed at the top of the priority list.

4. Asset-Light Business
With any business decision, there are risks, but by becoming a distributor of Delamu, you get access to new business opportunities in high demand without any investment in the factory, machine, etc.

5. Dedicated Support
Any inquiry, installation instructions, or other technical issues, no matter what it is, is always welcome. We are right here whenever you are in need.

6. Simple Process
We make it simple and worry-free for you. After the order is placed, we are responsible for doing the rest job.

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